Seeing no results? no fatloss?

Question by : Seeing no results? no fatloss?
I lost about 12 pounds but i have not seen ANY loss of fat. I have been eating less everyday

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Answer by Sanitary103
You need to take pictures. You won’t be able to tell looking at yourself everyday.

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  1. You are not going to see 12 pounds of loss. Take measurements, try on something that didn’t fit you when you started.


  2. If you are eating too little, you will gain weight. Eating less is not the answer, more exercise is. And a variety of exercise, not just the same thing everyday. Don’t get on the scale. Measure your success by how you clothes feel on your body. Are your jeans less tight on your legs? Did you have to go down a notch on your belt? Does your shirt hang looser over your belly? Do your arms feel more comfortable in your jacket? You could lose 20 or 30 pounds and still not see results in the mirror but your clothes will definitely show you that you are losing weight.


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