1. rshenster

    +Danizzle025 I agree. Plus they have a wide range of colors and constant
    deals on their products

  2. jignesh makwana

    I m dark 6ft men thin what can I wear…

  3. Danizzle025

    I’m 6′, 150-155 lbs, but I’m lanky so it makes finding slim enough clothes
    that also are long enough in the sleeves. I know it’s not the best quality,
    but I’ve been buying Express lately their clothes fit nicely.

  4. photobart1

    Nordstrom Rack stores are great t

  5. Ted Day

    What about the Funkybod undershirt? It was designed just for us skinny guys.

  6. Real Men Real Style

    @MDSguy Ha ha, thanks…I’m pretty sure we’ve got a whole video dedicated
    to them on the channel a while back, maybe more than one. Worth checking
    the archives!

  7. casie rabit

    hey antonio my name is casie im a guy and im grade 8 i just want to ask you
    a tip for my graduation suit im 5’7 tall can you plss help.. and also I
    just want want a simple suit with bowtie or necktie thanks 03-27-2012

  8. vsound29

    I’m 25 years old, 6’2″ and 140 lbs. Honestly, it’s not hard to find
    clothing that fits after you learn where to look. I learned a long time ago
    that a Small fits me better than a Medium and still allows me enough length
    in the arms. As for pants, places such as J. Crew cater to me very well
    with 30×34. I have found even more places offer a 31×34, and I can usually
    move up a size with no issue. I’m still working on getting the perfect fit
    in a blazer.

  9. Captain Shah

    Thank you so much for making this specific tutorial for thin men, like me,
    because I have just finished school last year and it’s very important to
    wear clothes perfectly for me for great 1st impressions that I’ll be
    encountering after this.

  10. vinayakjoshua1

    Im 15 .. 5’6 and 95 pounds :/ .. I have to buy large children clothes to
    fit me :/ i feel like im eating but i never seem to gain weight :(

  11. Roland P

    im 15 and 5’7 130! i lift everyday and im a stick, this guy is anaeorxic if
    he isnt a teen, if anything he just eat more!

  12. chakenfangersaregood

    damn haha your that skinny!

  13. Vincent Van Locke

    Oh man, this video helped heaps. 6’1″ 110lbs, 22 years of age here. Gaining
    weight is nearly impossible for me, so finding suits or nice clothes for
    events such as weddings is a nightmare. I find south korean retailers to be
    more helpful than here in the US, I truly felt this video was speaking to
    me. Thanks!

  14. Alex Chang

    You should honestly just go to H&M and buy a super cheap suit that you’re
    going to outgrow probably anyway.

  15. fresh3542

    Im 5’10 weight 145 I wear Sz 15 32/33 long arms and tenth stop almost to my
    wrist is that ok?

  16. Danny Pires

    “woa, you look really good in those skinny jeans” -said by no one, ever!

  17. Lasse Bjerregaard

    Hey Antonio. I really enjoy watching your videos – they’ve been really
    helpful for me, while I’ve been upgrading my wardrobe. On a sidenote, now
    that this video is an answer to “how to find skinny/bodyfit shirts” I’ve
    come across a company called “OLYMP”. They make a series of shirts called
    “Level Five”, which are rather skinny shirts and some even come with extra
    long sleeves.

  18. Joakim Tribual

    “you are pretty thin” right on!

  19. bgiv2010

    “Don’t be so ignorant” is deceptively simple advice. In any event, I was
    exaggerating. By “how are you alive” I meant, “where do you shop”?

  20. Marc Lind

    Correction: *Length might be a problem for you, but…


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