skinny 14 year old. tips?

Question by Dean: skinny 14 year old. tips?
Hello, I’m a 14 year old male, 5’7 100 pounds. I want to gain weight as well as muscles but nothing works. I’ve tried protein shakes. I go to the gym and everything. I’m very athletic. My bones feel like they get weaker and weaker. I do drink a lot of soda though. Any tips?

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Answer by Integral X
Replace soda with whole milk. Whole milk has more calories, protein, and is also a great source of calcium for your bones.

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  1. Honestly you are pretty skinny for your height. But i literally would not worry, only because your 14, you are still growing and developing so you will gain weight over time during puberty. There are a lot of guys around your age who are the same, really skinny and tall, but like you, they’re not done growing or developing. Im 15, a Freshman in Highschool and guys at my school, are around your height and weight as well, no lie(One of my guy friends was 108 pounds last year and 5’8′, now he’s 5’11 or 6ft and im pretty sure he hasnt gained weight yet). So I wouldn’t purposively gain weight, cause you will eventually.


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