skinny on getting skinny?

Question by x0princessssss0x: skinny on getting skinny?
ok so i just got invited to a pool party tomorrow and I need to get thin. I remember seeing somewhere a drink that even though wont make you permantly skinny it will help you fit into that little black dress….does anyone know the recipie or where i could find it…also any tips on how to look thin in my bikini? i have a light pudge layer that i havent worked off yet

im 5’6 and 136 pounds
ikik its not fat
but i want to look amazing
so please and thank you for the help!

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Answer by Beauty
I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything that is going to “make you thin over night,” especially in one day. But, good luck!

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  1. If it’s tomorrow, it cant hurt to not eat until after the party. then you won’t have anything in your stomach to bloat it. Have fun!


  2. Sorry, I don’t think there is such a drink that would have you lose weight in one day. And if there is it is not going to work. Just have confidence and you will look great.


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