1. Hayley Purple

    I laughed so hard when you said no ones died from fruit before xD

  2. gadson100

    You are right on point with these tips. Fruit is one of the best foods you
    can eat. All “live” food is best for your body. Thanks for these tips.
    More people need to know what dairy does to you.

  3. ousaxx

    So glad I found your channel! Love your videos :))

  4. Hun Zo

    Lil bit obsessive… like nthing wrong with cutting up salad haha

  5. poo loo

    microwaving vegetables in a bad that were perviously frozen, does NOT get
    rid of nutrients

  6. mermaidfarts

    what would also help you not crave bad things is look up how those bad
    foods are made. whether you watch a video on youtube, or read articles
    online, you will be SHOCKED at how some of our fav fatty foods are made!
    you will be so grossed out you wont ever want to have it again. drill those
    awful truths into your head!!! THEN you will not crave it and ever want
    it!! I am GOING TO practice my own words too!! =)

  7. kyrahloves1direction

    How could you live a life without chicken?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. minzbonbonblogger

    please, could you show us some recipes? e.g. soups? greetings from germanys!

  9. Sinead603

    This video was really helpful! I used to love soda and squash and juice but
    now I have stopped drinking it I only want to drink water. I researched how
    many calories in soda so now the thought of drinking it makes me feel sick!

  10. facebookfan12

    This is a useless video for tips and tricks but it’s really good in giving
    the “extra push” to people who don’t get motivated easily ~

  11. Cindy OXN

    I totally agree with you because that’s how I lost my 40kg :)

  12. khaza abdul

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    address at BellyFatQuencher.com On there you can get a valuable free video
    presentation by a longtime medical professional revealing the right way to
    reduce unwanted fat. It made it easier for John to get rid of his tummy
    fat. Hopefully it will help you also.

  13. Hilaloeya

    I love your videos!! I’m from Holland! Do you have Instagram? Please follow
    me: @hilalrabiaorhan xoxo

  14. jesstonto

    Hi! I was just wondering if you could give me some personal advice about my
    diet! You look so much more healthy in this video! I am really
    struggling… My email is jessicalouisewillis@hotmail.co.uk Hope to hear
    from you x

  15. MissCheriefy

    I never thought this could happen…someone eating exactly the same way I
    do….:) awesome!! I actually do feel the same way about food and eating as
    you!! And yes it is sometimes hard…but hey i’m healthy and thats more
    important than enjoying delicious food, which makes you sick…Just keep on
    doing honey!! :*


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