1. holly cao

    Our lifestyle is so similar!!!(except for dairy because I’m growing)

  2. Naomi TKM

    This inspires me so much!!!

  3. 2GuessWhat

    Ochen’ motiviruet!!! It was really helpful, thank you so much!

  4. demran01

    I don’t know how to tell you, but EATING FISH MEANS YOU’RE NOT VEGETARIAN!

  5. siltears

    your skin is probably clearer because you are older. acne gets better when
    your hormones balances.

  6. BananaSticker3

    I’m just stating my opinion, if you don’t like it then i don’t care.

  7. missnishlovesyou

    when did fish stop being animals?

  8. Rosanne Glaspell

    I’m thinking of becoming a vegetation but i have low sugar diabetes and
    that is if i don’t eat enough sugar in the day i pass out can i still
    become a become a vegetation ?

  9. piperue333

    I don’t wanna go vegetarian, so I think just eating 300 calories a day is
    the best thing to go with !!! :)

  10. songhug

    shes beautiful. you are just a jealous pube.

  11. RandomGurlSesElloDur

    ur annoyinggggggg :l

  12. Stephanie Dittrich

    I am a pescetarian, I don’t have dairy products or gluten because I believe
    it’s healthier for me not to. But you can easily go to your local health
    food store or butcher and find locally bred meats, or at least meats free
    of antibiotics and hormones. You’re probably eating fish farm raised in
    vietnam! Being healthy is important, but you don’t need to be such a
    preacher about it. Humans are naturally omnivorous, you don’t NEED to stop
    eating meat to be healthy, you should know as a pesce lol.

  13. sourav paul

    Hi, have you tried “BellyFATtack ? Just copy-paste BellyFATtack.com to your
    browser to head over to this site! There you will discover an important
    free video presentation by a recognized qualified health practitioner
    revealing the right way to burn unwanted fat. This made it possible for
    Michele to burn her belly fat. I will probably give this a shot. I hope it
    helps you too…

  14. thejmeister88

    Key talking points: >No one likes the way they look >Fish aren’t living
    creatures >Three of the five food groups are bad for you >Limiting caloric
    intake doesn’t help you lose weight >Drink more vinegar …

  15. KatanaSword1110

    I am a pesco vegetarian too. But I eat mostly vegan foods. :) Glad to see
    another vegetarian on youtube.

  16. Elektra Yu

    Love it! Already took note on number two – didn’t know fibre can lower
    insulin!! (Hence weight loss!). That’s awesome sharing. Thank you. :)

  17. eurus pulsare

    Dr. Lustig change the way i eat, thx

  18. Laura Monge

    Thank you very much for this wonderful information! I’ll spread the word
    with my friends and family. 

  19. Brian Corbin

    It would be interesting to see Dr. Lustig debate Gary Taubes. Many similar
    ideas yet very different in many keep areas.

  20. NFO

    *SUGAR: Facts And Myths*

    *Humans rely on the hormone leptin to send signals to the brain to regulate
    what we eat; leptin tells your brain when you’ve had enough to eat.*

    When you eat sugar it also triggers the production of your brain’s natural
    opioids -*- a key initiator of addiction..*

    Your brain essentially becomes addicted to the sugar induced opioid
    release, not entirely unlike addictions to morphine or heroin…

    The abnormally high stimulation of your brain’s pleasure receptors by a
    sugar-rich diet generates excessive reward signals in your brain.

    These have the potential to override normal self control mechanisms, create
    tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, thus *leading to addiction and

    *Limiting or eliminating your sugar intake is the most effective way to
    break free from this disease causing, overeating cycle…*


  21. Randy Resnick

    *Great Series about Weight and Obesity*

    I hope +Randal L. Schwartz approves. I used all four of these tips in my
    own weight loss last fall. I’m still at my target weight.

    h/t +Will Keaney 

  22. Kymberly Noronha

    Too bad I’m not disciplined enough for this…

  23. University of California Television (UCTV)

    Food has to travel through 22 feet of intestines before your brain gets the
    signal for satiety. Just one of four useful tidbits in this bonus video
    from UCTV Prime’s “Skinny on Obesity” series.

  24. mokugin81

    SHUT UP dr lustig!! you talk full of bologna as Judge Judy says!! it takes
    at least 2hrs befor food moves out of the stomach and go to the small
    intestine!! only fruit takes 20minutes!! plus u dont look very skinny

  25. LadyBludgeon

    How about you shove it up your ass and stop acting all condescending. If
    giving advice to sweet addicts on replacing dessert snacks with fruits than
    pick out real sweet fruits not savory vegs like Avocados. Granny Smith
    Apples and kiwi fruits are great alternatives for sugar addicts who
    overdose on chocolates and sugar sodas not fucking avocados. Also I tried
    more foods than most so don’t assume fuck! Have you ever tried durian? No?
    Than you shut the fuck up!

  26. Jack Wahlquist

    don’t get rid of dairy. Milk and greek yogurt contain very important
    proteins- whey and casein. Soy is absolutely terrible for you, too much soy
    raises estrogen and will make you sick. Milk and greek yogurt are just as
    important as lean meats (not pork, chicken, turkey, fish).

  27. Gregin Mjolnir

    No fruit juice! Hell no! I love my juice!!!!

  28. hopeisthething

    Dr. Mercola’s website has an informative article about the dangers of
    aspartame. This is an excerpt… According to researchers and physicians
    studying the adverse effects of aspartame, the following chronic illnesses
    can be triggered or worsened by ingesting of aspartame: Brain tumors,
    multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, parkinson’s
    disease, alzheimer’s, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects,
    fibromyalgia, and diabetes.

  29. 起 正

    enzymes? its in your mouth +gut. we all got it. fiber is a part of carb.
    and liver makes sugar. amino acids are made from protein. the best
    antioxidant is “cholesterol” for humans. namely HDL. truly the essential
    vitamins are pretty much C + E only, cuz they are antioxidants, but then
    again, the cholesterol just will do the same. vitamins+minerals+fiber are
    also in veggies, mushrooms, seaweeds. Try again, my friend. oh, you’ve got
    1 point. yes, FATS ARE ESSENTIAL. especially the 3 and 6.

  30. FiberMania

    Lustig, Robert Atkins, Gary Taubes, Dr. Eric Westman… Implementing and
    adapting their nutritional approach(es) INTO SOMETHING THE OBESE PERSON CAN
    USE, is the key. The main thing is to remove the carbohydrate from the diet
    so insulin levels drop and the body can learn to use fat for fuel. I
    DISAGREE WITH LUSTIG on restricting screen time for kids…iPads TV, video
    games etc… Exercise is good! Require kids to do it! But, becoming a
    screen nazi will make the kids resent the dietary changes.

  31. hada0602

    Go away. Dr Lustig would have plenty of words for you about supporting some
    BS get skinny pill. Nice job you have there, preying on people who are
    struggling with weight loss. Fuck off.

  32. Karin Maegaard

    Dear bighand 69 :-) I hope you have time to check the internet and find out
    that what you are trying to say is in it self horrific. ASPARTAME IS TOXIC,
    nothing more nothing less. Explain to me, why it was banned in the 60th at
    first when it came out , then it was accepted …..lobbyism nothing else
    but money talks here. Aspartame causes holes in your brain plus 30 – 40
    other avoidable consequenses……. I hope for your sake you one day will
    agree, not with me, but new science results. :-)

  33. 1123notae

    “Dr. Lustig” and “skinny” don’t belong in the same sentence.

  34. hada0602

    Provide evidence for it then. rangi1009 is inviting you to research Paleo
    (very in-line with what Lustig discusses) and can use the works of
    well-known authors to support his/her point. What can you do? Simple
    observation from you means absolutely nothing. Stop being an intellectual

  35. Luiz Dos Reis

    Dr. Lustig is missing the point. Processed food is the problem. Many
    include chemicals that will cause us to be hungrier faster just to name one
    issue. Google: How to make a mouse fat mono-sodium glutamate.

  36. Axel Johansson

    I believe this is true…. That being said I still think that obese people
    are to lazy to do something about it. If a person exercise that persons
    body will release endorphin which will make you happy, And if you are to
    obese to the point of no return, then its all on you man. Its not like your
    body became fat behind your back lol


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