Super skinny tips please, anyone?

Question by superskinnyme: Super skinny tips please, anyone?
Okay I am 20 and I have a 2year old daugter. Before I was pregnant I weighed 8 stone.

Now after 2years I have been dieting and exercising and I now weigh 7st 11lbs and going down. I eat around 500-900 cals a day and if I go over then I will try to be sick. My serious dieting has only really started in the last 2weeks but I have been yo-yo ing for a while and I have finally cracked it and I am in control and in the last week I have lost 4lb.

Does anyone have any tips for me to get right down to super skinny really fast???

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Answer by Emily S
You just need to exercise. If you become anorexic or starve yourself, your stomach will eat its own muscles which can cause internal bleeding. Just eat healthy and exercise for an hour 2 times every day.

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  1. there are several reasons why this is a bad/stupid question….and I think you know all the reasons.


  2. maybe if you read a book you would be so stupid. you consume 500 calories a day and exercise to lose weight. you lack the common sense and inteligence to raise a chilld? your an idiot, but that’s probably why you got pregnant at 18


  3. there is a simple solution for your issue, if you want to lose weight you need to stop doing so much exercise, you are building muscles and then you will not show on the scale that you have lost or gained, 20 minutes of running a day anything over is a waste of your time honestly. you need to stay away from milk, cheese, and all those types of things you need to eat grapefruit(the most fat burning food made) people have lost 10 pounds in 3 days eating grapefruit and grapfruit only, don’t waste time working out if you want to be skinny, you can be skinny by eating certain foods, and working out will make you gain cause you are building muscle you need to decide on what you want to do be skinny or look firm, cause if you want to look firm then you need to eat more and work out if you want to be skinny then cut out the workout and run 20 min and eat like nothing, grapfruit, no bread, milk cheese. only have hard bioled eggs for breakfast for lunch eat 4 pieces of crackers with a tbl of peanut butter and for dinner have 1 cup of veg (any kind) with little cal and 3 slices of meat. do that for 3 days and you will lose atleast 7 pounds i swear and drink like 10 glasses of water, remember the less you eat the less energy you have take your pick and the second you decide to eat a bunch for one day it will store all to fat cause your body thinks it is starving so do some more homework before you decide what you want to look like, to be skinny is an everyday challenge for people who have to watch what they eat. good luck


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