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Question by superskinnyme: Super skinny tips please, anyone?
Okay I am 20 and I have a 2year old daugter. Before I was pregnant I weighed 8 stone.

Now after 2years I have been dieting and exercising and I now weigh 7st 11lbs and going down. I eat around 500-900 cals a day and if I go over then I will try to be sick. My serious dieting has only really started in the last 2weeks but I have been yo-yo ing for a while and I have finally cracked it and I am in control and in the last week I have lost 4lb.

Does anyone have any tips for me to get right down to super skinny really fast???

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Answer by Emily S
You just need to exercise. If you become anorexic or starve yourself, your stomach will eat its own muscles which can cause internal bleeding. Just eat healthy and exercise for an hour 2 times every day.

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