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Emery excited about McClellin's weight loss Emery excited about McClellin's weight loss. May, 1, 2014. May 1. 2:55. PM ET. By Jeff Dickerson | Recommend0 · Tweet0 · Comments0 […]

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Ketogenic diet expert details weight loss and health benefits of low carb diet "These diets are very effective for fat loss, reducing certain risk factors for heart disease, and treating […]

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Study Says Vitamin D Doesn't Affect Weight Loss A Curtin Univ. study has cast doubt on claims vitamin D helps with fat loss after a meta-analysis of 12 high-quality vitamin […]

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Miranda Kerr Shares Her Favorite Red Lipstick, Diet Tips, and More We tend to take diet and beauty advice from supermodels with a healthy grain of salt. After all, they're […]

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Advice from a trainer: 3 ways to guarantee you'll never get in shape Standing in line at the grocery store, I impulsively read the magazine headlines that surround me as […]

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You really can go big and go home Fauteux applied the same rules to his own Vancouver home, a skinny 1,000-square-foot, three-level townhouse with a roof-top terrace. His friends … […]

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Campana Chiropractic Center Guarantees a Loss of 20 Pounds in 40 Days With … People want to lose weight, and they want to lose it fast. But while most dietary […]

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Thinspo Launches Offeing Thinspiration For Those Looking To Lose Weight and … Thinspo is a new website that offers careful, responsible advice and thinspiration to help people achieve the body […]

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Bambi legs She concedes that while mainstream media is increasingly promoting the "healthy body" line, the job of counteracting "thinspiration" or Thinspo messages on blogs, websites and social media is […]

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Digital tools to help whip your body into shape The site also offers an 8-week exercise and meal plan for fat loss and toning, profits which go directly into funding […]