1. Amer Kamra

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  2. Adam Evans

    How would you compare this approach with using a prowler?

  3. Hashim Flewin

    Your body has the hormone which controls 100% capability to reduce fat, it
    is Leptin. To losing weight safely and effectively, you must learn the
    right way to speed up your metabolism. 

  4. lucabrazi36

    Hey Amer, I have about 30 lbs to loose. Should I just do Hitt for 10 to 15
    min 3 to 4 times per week or should also do liss to burn fat. Thanks for
    the response.

  5. klzy999

    Thanks! Couldn’t reply to your comment as I’m on my phone. Btw just wanna
    ask, is it fine if I did 30 secs of high intensity on bike and paddled
    normally for a minute to rest? was rushing for time and figured that would
    work just as well?

  6. klzy999

    So the breakdown of the HIIT should be around 20-30secs sprint, 2 minutes

  7. Oscar Lozoya

    HIT works i always wondered why i waz so lean in school cuz i was
    compeeting at a higher pace against opposition..not jogging but hey

  8. Mondal Nitay

    Hi there! The info in this video clip is pretty good. Anyway, have you
    heard the buzz about — Kurk Weight Loss Gem ( Google it can’t remember the
    place now)? I have heard some interesting things about their approach and
    my sister got excellent weight loss results by using it. 

  9. Phillip Schlueter

    Too bad here, Amer is just totally wrong! “In 1997, Dr. Tabata concluded
    that 30-second bursts at 200 percent of VO2 max with 2-minute rests was not
    as effective as the 20-10 protocol at taxing the aerobic and anaerobic
    systems, even though the 30-second, 2-minute protocol had longer and more
    intense bursts of exercise. The 20-10 model has borne his name ever since.”

  10. shaTEHstar

    Hey Amer can I just do sprints on the street? like 20 sec running then 2-3
    mins recovering for about 4-5 times? 

  11. Chris Chan

    When is the best time to do this kind of HIIT? Right after working out?


    So would you recommend to shorten your rest time , the better you get in

  13. mario lopez

    Amer. shoul i do this hiit, after my
    Lifting workout? And if so,
    How many times a week?
    Good info thanks, 

  14. Shane K

    Excellent vid mate. Anyway I’m currently doing HIIT insanity. Which concept
    works best?(working hard for 30secs and resting for 2min) or working for 3
    min and 30 sec rest as insanity programmes do? Thanks in advance :)

  15. Juan Florez

    can you do this with an eliptical bro ????

  16. nuryaman maman

    This almost-magical weight burning strategy loses pounds faster than any
    powders, pills, or potions. Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out more.

  17. Diesel082482

    Can this be done on the Elliptical Machine also?

  18. Meshari Alsughyer

    but dont you think that 2 minutes rest is a lil too much ?

  19. SaddleupASU

    hey amer if you use a recumbent bike, what should the resistance be?

  20. Nolan Janssens

    Hey Amer! doesn’t this sort of contradict with your 100 second HIIT on the
    airdynebike? Also, would you recommend this for someone doing 5×5 three
    times a week since you already squat and deadlift 3 times a week? Thanks in
    advance, you’re awesome!

  21. Jonathan Elyea

    hey Amer, do you suggest HIIT during both “bulking” and “cutting” phases to
    keep lean throughout?

  22. Fazii Moe

    There cardio is bad, it takes them more then a minute to get there breath
    back Woah but damn they are swole as fuck ;) 

  23. saboor ahmad

    Hey Amer what if I don’t have this bike in my Gym what other cadio should i
    do to lose fat.

  24. Patrick Denis

    is there any quality in AirDyne Bike ? or any airdyne bike is good ?

  25. Vasco Solmanía

    Hi Amer,
    Another video = more great info =D
    I’m about to buy a Schwinn Airdyne AD2, the cheapest model…
    Do you think the bike will be strong enough for this type of effort (HIIT)
    being non commercial model?

  26. valo asi

    Nice video.. How can i get full concept?

  27. Deepu bs

    I really appreciate your work. You have provided a wonderful information.
    I’m greatly looking for offers in the future. Anyway thanks.


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