1. Diamond Prince

    A soda commercial during an obesity documentary. Exhibit A.

  2. BMWBiker2

    @Dragonrides So true! They raised our alcohol tax to 9%. Guess what? Just
    as many people buying alcohol as before! Taxes don’t do a damn thing but
    harm the poor.

  3. S Lainer

    natural fruit is “ok” because of the high fiber content that counteracts
    the insulin….

  4. usernametaken56

    Its not and you are right. Some fruits are loaded with sugar. If you want
    to end the cycle of constant blood sugar spikes causing cravings and hunger
    pangs you need to not eat high sugar fruits either.

  5. Gufberg

    I agree with your premise (LCHF) but i disagree with your point. If you are
    trying to lose weight – sure, one should limit fruit. But if you’re not
    trying to lose weight there is NOTHING wrong with eating a few pieces a

  6. Gufberg

    It isn’t – You are assuming that the body is a simplistic energy in/energy
    out machine. Even Robert Lustig will tell you that the body primarily
    stores fat through insulin secretion (and in turn storaging the blood sugar
    in your fat cells) Thus carbohydrates (that cause insulin spikes) are more
    fattening than fat (which causes a minimal insulin secretion)

  7. WebkinzLover1688

    fruit fructose IS good for you. fructose AND carbohydrates are not good for
    you. This was already explain in a previous episode.

  8. NarrowMullen

    Was her stomach rumbling at 0:41? :P

  9. Sem Finibus Hasta-o Caelum

    yeah the only benefit eating gruits relies on the fiber => good for
    digestive system. If people eats fruit because they want do diet they are
    screwed. Also, you could eat a fruit before some extensive exercise,
    because it is assimilated quite fast, so you can get the energy to perform

  10. Narrowescape

    You are correct sir. The calories in versus calories out hypothethis tells
    us nothing about why we get fat. That makes it kind of frustrating to see
    that someone who is trying to fight obesity, is still believing in that old
    paradigm. If that worked we wouldn’t be overweight! And ofcourse one should
    read and see as much of Gary Taubes’ work as they can. Great sciencewriter!

  11. Ross Parlette

    Her focus on calories in (portion sized) minus calories out (physical
    activity) as the causal source of obesity is just more of the conventional
    wisdom on weight gain. We don’t get fat because we eat too much; we eat too
    much because we’re getting fat. See Gary Taubes at the Walnut Creek
    library, here on YouTube (search Taubes Walnut Creek). It’s long (10 parts)
    but it’s worth it.

  12. beautifulsmilexo

    70% eat not-home cooked meals..what!? I make my own food almost 100% of the

  13. sonicblast123

    Hahahaha fruit and veggies aren’t good for you. Jeeeez -__-

  14. Eric Moore

    I was asking for an alternative. Sorry if that wasn’t clear the first time.


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