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Question by window: Thinspiration/Thinspo? Eating Disorders?

ok so if you go to this user and click thinspo time in the blue letters there are about 300 pictures of very thin/skinny girls! Is this normal??? Is it ok to be looking at pics like this becuase honestly they look really happy but do you guys think that they have eating disorders? the girls in the picture?

anyway I was wondering becuase a friend of mine looks at pictures like this a lot…thanks for your help!

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Answer by L♥ve
yea, its normal. ppl w/ eatin disorders use thoses pictures for inspiration. thats why they call it *thinspiration*. instead of lookin @ pictures of them, they look @ other girls that they think look way better&way skinnier than them. it makes them feel horrible about themselves&it helps them to loose weight.

no, not all thinspo picture has a anorexic/bulimic [erson in them. some are just ur everyday normal *high metabolism or work out* girls.

hope this helps sweetie

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