1. Crystal Blue

    So how do you get a picture of yourself in a thinspo video anyway?

  2. XmarilynmansonchildX

    Oh My goshhhh I love your videos so effing much Emmy G. Love the song
    choice as always! Andddd the pics of course, so gorgeous and perfect.

  3. Maia Lress Haughton

    I love it can’t wait till I will look like them girls. Soooo pretty

  4. Cassie Christnagel

    There needs to be a “smells like teen spirit” thinspo.

  5. NuRmI971

    I’m a 16yrs old girl … and I think being slim is good but I also think
    being healty is more important and this is definetly not healty. I’m kina
    shocked that so many people write this is a inspiring video… y’all now
    you can die from this right?? It’s dangerous and not even prettier… If
    you really want to loose weight, do workouts, eat healthier but not
    nothing! They’re all not far from being a skeleton and that’s freaking
    disgusting! I’m sure they would look better with 11lbs more …all I can
    say… Please stop starving yourself…

  6. Sami Smiley

    ahaha this has always been my favorite

  7. AddictedToDreams

    Beautiful video, really inspiring, and the song is beautiful as well.

  8. Theresa Higgins

    I just started caring about myself, I’m old now & wish I woke up & found
    the strength to make myself beautiful when I was younger & could be more
    pretty; but the past is the past, I just thank you for giving me some
    inspiration for now <3

  9. IceCreamHemorrhage

    Someone need an ana buddy? We’ll clock in everyday of what we did or did
    not eat, support through failure and keep in mind I’m a big girl compared
    to what I need to get to. 

  10. Emma H

    I neeed an ana buddy ! I’m 16, about 5’3 and 114Ibs. Pleeease message me if
    you’re interested!

  11. Nastjia Smirnow

    One of the best Thinspos on youtube, you help me everyday when I want to
    eat :D

  12. Roza L

    I love this! Google “the ana refuge” for an AWESOME proana online community
    with thousands of girlies helping each other out. :)

  13. Andrea Darcy Bailey

    A pound of muscle burns 6.5 calories per hour, actually.

  14. maria lipinski

    mach mal mehr solcher videos :3 richtig schön^^ hab dich abonniert :)

  15. Isabella Anderson

    I’ll be your your ana buuddy! :) Im 16, 5’2 and about 100lbs! hope you

  16. Kiba Nightglow

    okay ill be your ana buddy :) inbox me

  17. TheEpicFailures101

    You are beautiful “fat” or skinny!!!

  18. Lindsay Fowler

    Yes! I am 5 foot 2 and 115

  19. PrettyAndSoPink

    lol righ? wondering the same thing

  20. aimcrazed

    If yuu still need one I’ll be there for yuu..I am 5’1 and 111.

  21. Lindsay Fowler

    Yeah sure! How old r u? U can inbox me anytime!


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