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Question by ashlei: Thinspo diet help please!?
Do you count fruit calories in any thinspo diet or do you leave them out because fruit is ‘safe’?

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Answer by WORM
I never heard of a thinspo diet before, but all I do know is that our calories are our bodies energy sources, in other words if we consume less calories, then our body will be forced to use our fats as energy sources, however if we consume more calories then our body will store our extra calories, as fats for later use. In slightly more detail calories play a big role in gaining, and losing weight, in fact if you want to lose or gain weight, then you need to emphasize your caloric consumption, as for the thimpso diet, then yes ofcourse you have to count the calories inside fruits, remember if your body needs 2000 calories a day, and you consumed 2500 calories, then your body will turn those 500 calories to fats, and each 3500 calories are equal to a pound of fat, in other words you’d be gaining one pound of fat per week. Check an online calorie calculator to make kno how many calories your body needs a day !

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