Thinspo… how do they do it?

Question by hugsXD: Thinspo… how do they do it?
how on earth can some girls just starve themselves?? How long would it even take for someone to lose 20 pounds just by not eating??? im curious because I know 4 TINY girls that eat SOOO MUCH yet are still thin.. no they arent bulimic.. but those of you who are anorexic or really skinny.. how did you manage to lose all that weight?? how long did it take?? did you eat AT ALL?? im just curious.. no harsh judgement

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Answer by SpicyIcee
Thinspo is pro ana and pro mia.

Most people who use thinspo are wannabes.

people starve themselves when they have anorexia nervosa which takes a long time to develop into a condition. I have been bulimic since the age of 13 and have developed anorexia 2 years ago. I am only 27 and already have dentures, oseoperosis, cant have children and have shrunk to 83 pounds. It is NOT fun it is HELL

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