1. sweetpeachsodapop

    …I’m sorry, but a bunch of these are obviously photoshopped. (Once you’re
    really familiar with human anatomy, the signs become obvious.) These women
    don’t even look like this in real life, and it’s not healthy to pretend
    that they do. And it’s really stupid to aspire to be like a photoshopped
    image. Additionally, being really bony and underweight can damage your
    health, including your fertility. Being bony might get you a boyfriend now,
    but imagine your husband crying in ten years because you can’t seem to get
    pregnant because you abused your body too hard for it to bounce back.
    Please, if you’re in too deep, talk to someone – your Mom, your cool
    cousin, your favorite teacher, your counselor, your Pastor/Rabbi, or your
    best friend. Oh, and check out http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org. Even if
    you’re not sure if you have an eating disorder, it can definitely clear
    some things up for you. 

  2. kaxibum999

    Wow, when americans say’s thin, they really mean aneroxia thin…

  3. riverseaocean

    @yesimdyinginside your brain in more valuable than your weight, people
    worry more about who you are than your pants size. don’t do anything
    drastic, it’s not worth it in the end. try to be a good person and fuck the
    haters. I’m a recovered anorexic, i’ve weighed between 135 and 215
    pounds… it doesn’t matter to me anymore. i am happiest when i’m not
    thinking about the number.

  4. Celene Watson

    @CharleyMarie130 I’m ana and i want to be!!! and i love this video!! but i
    have to admit they look better in the after photos but some of them look

  5. Julia Ross

    I’m sure all of these girls are alot happier and some are healthier more
    confident, but i think that some people may be taking this to an unhealthy
    level. you are talking “healthier” but some people may be leaning towards
    an anorexic view…..

  6. Amber Goins

    i cant wait to look like that <3

  7. kadykat100

    Great job hun! I <3 this vid….so inspirational!! Thank you :)

  8. an17a89

    heyy love this ! wat song is this ? it sounds so nice :)

  9. qet5ess

    These are so encouraging, it’s great to see that there are girls with a bit
    of extra curves, but not necessarily overweight, are able to lose weight
    and get slim too, as I am trying. I’m convinced this is harder than trying
    to lose weight if you’re really overweight. By the way, I don’t necessarily
    think all girls with curves need to lose weight, it’s just about what each
    girl wants for herself I think.

  10. totalH20

    Do you know if the girl at 00:36 has xanga? I see her photos all the time
    on xanga? This is merryberrycherry by the way x


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