1. ForgivennOne

    If you are in your 20′s and need an ana buddy message me cuz I need one.

  2. CrazyK8y

    …. I find this whole phenomenon hard to believe. Trust me, you don’t need
    to do this! Stop skipping meals, no matter what anyone tells you, no matter
    how much of this crap gets shoved in your face, YOU ARE AN AMAZING,
    BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT PERSON! Never forget that!

  3. Sapphire Swearingim

    I want people to whisper behind my bad how skinny I’m getting

  4. Amanda Duprey

    Need a buddy :) pretty cool and understanding. 16 and 5’3 120ponds I wanna
    be 100 :D

  5. Jennifer Marie

    help i need an ana buddy. any true anas on here who can tell me how you
    truly do it i know you cant just stop eating i went 3 weeks without eating
    and only drinking water but i ended up in the ER after passing out please
    tell me what i am doing wrong

  6. BlueRockGoth

    Hi, need a buddy, in 5foot10, 13 years old, and 142.5lbs… Need to be
    thin! Keep binging so need someone for motivational help! I’m on Tumblr as
    BlueRockGoth so message me on there!!! I’ll give my phone number there too.
    Oh, and I’m in England!

  7. boxerbaby16

    I just want to be beautiful. I’ll do it for the gap inbetween my thighs

  8. Samantha Halton

    Really need and ana buddy message me! :)

  9. MsAttitudechic

    So far I’ve had only water and a bagel :) i feel better when my stomach is
    empty :)

  10. Amy Cook

    Need an ana buddy :) Kik: AmyNeedsControl

  11. sara micheal

    i know what you mean, hey im going back into ana cuz i gained like 20 pound
    after i stoped dieting… but i have type o blood so i have alot of acid in
    my stomach i dont want to get bleeding alsers though any tips….

  12. Brandi Stephens

    Need an Ana buddy. Message me for details! :)

  13. James Spr

    Actually she was a size 8. The metric measurements used on her were
    different. Translated into Us sizes she was a size 8.

  14. darlaisawesome5

    Need an Ana buddy :) kik:darladanielle

  15. Ashley Ash

    to them its the perfect truth.

  16. TheSweetCandycane

    not soo long, and its just soo hard

  17. sherlockinaforever

    Those girls are crazy ! Why don’t they try a healthy diet plan with lots of
    vegetables and lean meat ? If they go on like that, they will end up in a
    wheel chair because of osteoporosis, they will get mad with all their
    hunger pains. I’m thin, but I eat three sensible meals EVERY DAY, no junk
    food, no fries, no processed food. I never put on weight, I’m healthy and
    happy with a UK size 8 (sometimes 6). Nobody gains any selfconfidence by
    starving ! Maybe just a severe depression…

  18. morgan stewart

    I need an Ana buddy…text me 615-934-2329.

  19. billi8little

    You guys are surprisingly the biggest idiots on the planet. I hope you
    realize your body NEEDS sugar. This is torture to yourself. If you look
    back at paintings of godesses, none of them were anorexic but still
    stunning. Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 but was soo. Bea

  20. TheSweetCandycane

    In desperate need of ana buddy, anyone?

  21. DreamlandDiary

    Thanks to Ana I am down 9 pounds in 2 weeks :)

  22. chelsea Herbel

    HELP..I need an ana buddy<3 help me plzzzz!

  23. CuteSparklyUnicorn

    need ana buddy! im 110 lbs, i have one goal at 100 and one at 88.. I live
    in sweden, im 17 and ive had my ed since i was 12.. aanyyyooone?

  24. Olivia Janson

    Ana buddy? Kik livijanson age 14 height 5’0 CW 101 GW 93

  25. pandadoll17

    i love the picture at 55 seconds …. makes you rethink everything. and i
    can totally relate to 1:08 remember you havent won until you reach feather
    weight perfection! <3 stay strong anas and mias

  26. OneAndOnlyEmmyGee

    For everyone asking, the song is called ‘sexy lady’ and it’s by Jessie J 


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