1. yo yoyo

    They look fat lol do i have to lissen to them xd

  2. Manny Lopez

    with your friend, yeah friend yeah haha

  3. VGKOA

    Good tips, but if you want to lose weight fast! Please just watch my last
    video.. This isn’t spam or anything it just annoys me to see people making
    things more difficult then they have to be. 

  4. Jenny Johnson

    This is a very informative video! I also love fat loss foods. Anyway, when
    it comes to weight loss efforts, I always take Garcinia Cambogia extract.
    It’s so satisfying! I’ve lost 20 pounds after taking it for a month. I
    bought it from Rush Nutrition too!

  5. yakitoriPB

    bro, you could still afford to lose body fat. looking kinda flat and puffy

  6. onefoot7

    for the mucnhies at night, decaf green tea hot, nice…major belly fat
    burner!!!, otherwise nothing at night, most nights

  7. Cailon Moshiri

    Were they talking about the same munchies that I’m thinking about…

  8. Nathan Daignault

    this guy must get paid a shit ton just from his youtube videos -.- jealous!

  9. Sarutobi A.F

    Does juices like Ice-Tea or Kool-Aid are good with this foods or I shouldnt
    drink them? 

  10. John Viking

    Is Tea or Green Tea good? Also what about Dole Shakers? I know you said
    fruit juices are bad, but for a source of protein after a work out?

  11. Thelasttrucks blueorange

    What about milo

  12. kingkobe4425

    Has mike ducked her already with his little Asian dick?

  13. Ubduction MC

    If you add a bit of lemon to your vegetables it taste so fucking good. I
    suggest doing that if you have a hard time eating your vegetables. 

  14. Michelle Ducharme

    Oh my god her body is perfect

  15. Benjamin Joseph

    at 2:19, good sugar? lol. Sugar is sugar, no matter where you get it from.
    So annoying when people don’t know what they’re talking about. Fruit is
    good for some vitamins and fiber, but fruit is high in sugar, so don’t eat
    too much. She says eat as much as possible fruits and vegetables? lol.
    Too much sugar spikes insulin, which can make you fat.

  16. Bizzy jones

    Wtf they didn’t cook anything

  17. greimalkin

    I think those containers have chemicals

  18. insainbassist

    Because he has to show off his SICK GAAAIIIINSS BRAH!

  19. insaneinthebrain1978

    Stop eating meat people!!! seriously.


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