1. HmainTomlinson

    I’m going to try to be pro ana :) I am not going to starve myself, just eat
    healthy, weigh less, and do more exercise! My goal is to be 7 stone! And
    that WILL happen :)

  2. Meredith Malloy

    I am 95 lbs and pro ana too.

  3. ▼ Lambito

    why people turn on this ! my friend is going for this way and is not fair.
    Ana an mia’s people join together and destroy each other. My friend’s
    economy is not good ,in my country there no place to go and apply for
    treatment like this.but she is motivated for other country people and other
    people who has money to enter in this sickness.
    Maybe if you wanna be “perfect” just will be good if you promove exercise
    and good things like nutritions and that but usually promote step by step
    how to destroy themself….

  4. DuetxxLuxe

    I don’t think you should be so condescending towards anorexic people. I
    don’t think you get it…anorexia is a mental disorder. People don’t choose
    to be anorexic; anorexia is like any other uncontrollable mental disorder
    (with contributing factors of course). Anorexics need help because it is a
    serious psychological disorder that causes people to be aggressively
    controlling of their food. Holding such negativity is not helping people.

  5. Roza L

    very motivational and i love the track. google “the ana refuge” if you
    would like some proana help and support for fellow EDers.

  6. karizmadawnsmommy

    i <3 it!! THANK U for steppin outside the box for using something other
    than a sad indie slow track!! i like those too and everything, but i been
    wating for a change of pace…especially for something with rap! u rock!
    keep em comin!

  7. Steven Connell

    this is fucking disgraceful

  8. cheetahprint100

    @BananaZombies …………….be loved,tapped……..same thing.they all
    just wanna impress boys.

  9. steve Fowler

    I love cute thin girls when you can see their hip bones…that is so hot…

  10. Poochilo

    5’9″ 103 pounds. Do it ladies.

  11. GhostGirl57

    I like some photos but not others. Good video though.

  12. cigaretteskinny21

    Fuck, that is one of the best thinspo songs ever ! Good choice :)

  13. TAVegan

    Some of the pictures are too skinny but overall I like it.

  14. MsMaggieOC

    Thank you for the inspiration, I’m well on my way….still big at 137 but
    getting there…closer than I was yesterday!

  15. TheKutecheergirl

    Can you make this so I can watch it on my phone pleeease???


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