weight loss????

Question by SilviaM: weight loss????
i want to lose weight but school starts in august like the second week. im a teen and i want to be that “size” you know. i stopped drinking soda which i heard helps, for the past two weeks. but i want other ideas i mean i do work out videos and go running but i want to see results fast any ideas???

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Answer by zesta1969
what worked for me was excercise and i cut back on pure sugers and carbs…..basically eat more meat and greens & cut back on the whites

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  1. make sure you don’t have any snacks in between meals. like ANY. it’s hard, but it works.
    and be very calorie consious. always read labels, and if something has a lot of calories, just use your will power and put it back.
    ask restaurants if they have calorie and nutrition facts for their menu. most restaurants do these days.


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