Weight loss- diet and exercise tips?

Question by ♫Beatles. Its called Music, Love ♫: Weight loss- diet and exercise tips?
I want to lose about 15-20 pounds by the time school starts. I’m going to a new school and I want to look good, not how I do now. What is your best advice on losing weight? Any dieting and exercising tips? What has worked for you?

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Answer by Tabitha
Dieting tips for easy weight loss without a fad diet:
• Don’t eat processed foods
• Skip out on dairy and meat because they have bad fats in them
• Eat plenty of protein and fiber; they will keep you full
• Instead of carbohydrates from wheat products, eat complex carbs from fruit
• Don’t go hungry; eat raw fruits and veggies when you are hungry
• Stay away from foods that have massive amounts of sugar or salt
• Eating processed foods will make you weigh more because of the salt that is used as a preservative; salt makes your body retain water and that water has weight, that is why if a woman eats a low salt diet, her period cramps will not be as bad
• Don’t eat three hours before you go to bed; when you fall asleep, all the food that is still being digested in your body will turn to fat storage
• Don’t avoid all fats; monounsaturated fats are good for you and are found in nuts and vegetable oils and olive oils, but don’t have too much overly processed oils
• Don’t drink your calories, not even juices

Exercise tips for losing belly fat:
• Do sit ups and crunches, or other exercises that strain your abdominal muscles
• Cardio, even walking will get blood flow going and exercise your entire body to burn off fat
• Drink plenty of water before and after exercising; don’t go for the energy or sports drinks; if you need electrolytes while you are exercising, go for SmartWater instead of Gatorade

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