Weight loss tips?????

Question by Kayleigh: Weight loss tips?????
Right I don’t want the ‘well you just have to exercise and…’ I get that I have to excercise, but what are the unconventional ways, anything, I just wanna be skinny like. My friends!!!!!

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Answer by Larry the Englishman

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  1. Okay so to start if u r 12-16 you should be eating about 1200 calories a day. I you are 17-25 about 1500 calories every day and you should get vigorous exercise atleast 2 hours every day.


  2. I know you’ve heard this before, thousands or times, but I just recently started drinking like four or five liters of water a day and I cannot stress enough just how good it is. Not only do you lose a few kilos of water retention but it makes your skin glow and your hair soft. It’s also going to help you lose more weight when you exercise and stuff.


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