Question by Izzy: weightloss……………….?
what is the best way for a teen to loose weight , besides taking pills ( or anything that really costs money ) . Like im talking about running or crunches or what not … thanks

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btw, jog

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  1. The secret to losing weight is really pretty simple. Take in few calories than you expend. In other words, eat a low calorie diet with plenty of nutrition and get out and exercise every day. Here’s my blog:

    Here’s all you need to lose weight all over, look good, and get really healthy. First, you have to realize there is no quick, long lasting weight loss plan or pill that is going to do the trick. It’s purely mental. You have to learn to “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, if you understand that you are going to be reprogramming how you think about eating for the next few weeks. Old habits die hard, right? Not really. You get rid of bad habits by replacing them with good habits. If you learn to count your calories, keep calorie intake lower than output, exercise moderately, and eat only healthy food, you will lose weight. That’s a fact. All it takes is repetition. All success stories have this in common: The successful folks among us know how to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Set a goal, write it down, and stick with it. The benefits of feeling good will outweigh any sense of sacrifice you might feel about having to push away that cake and ice cream. Here are some helpful and healthy links to help you get started on your way:


  2. diet and exercise are the only way to lose weight. cut out sweets and high calorie high fat foods and any kind of exercise on a consistent basis will do the trick. join the YMCA or a sports team in the neighborhood or at school.


  3. The website I have posted below has teams of teens who are working towards weight loss and healthy exercise and lifestyle plans. It’s great for suggestions on how to plan meals, exercise tips and team support to help achieve the goal you’re aiming for.

    It also has lots of tasty recipes that are diet friendly.

    Best part is this group is free to join. Just check it out and see if you think it’s something that would be of help.

    I’m no teenager any more but have been a member of this group for a while now and lost a good amount of weight with the recipes and helps that are there.


  4. Noccie answered 5 year ago
    fasting and travail are the only way to worsen coefficient. cut out sweets and countertenor kilocalorie last fat foods and any category of use on a invariable assumption leave do the performance. joint the YMCA or a sports aggroup in the community or at civilize.


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