1. kikio512

    I was wondering, for all your fruits and veggies, do you use fresh? Or
    frozen? :)

  2. emilieclarke

    LOVED this! Thanks babe!
    SO proud of you! You look like a million bux!!!! Xoxox

  3. Tracy Timberlake

    I love your meals. We eat the same way!!! Lol. I just don’t eat granola cuz
    I cut grains out of my diet completely. And i like my bacon crispy toooooo
    lol. I loved this video!!!!!! Best line was “just east the damn cheese! You
    only live once, right?” Bwahahah

  4. MsAvalon25

    Great video! Very helpful to all of us trying to lose weight. Your meals
    look appetizing. 

  5. Naomi Martinez

    Haha loved it when you said, “eat the damn cheese”. Would you share the
    recipe for those meatballs you made? I dropped to just under 200 pounds
    last week, so excited. it’s hard to eat clean but I’m trying and it’s

  6. Anissa Dang

    loved this!! never thought of doing different egg recipes for lunch
    everything looked delicious and colorful! cant wait for next weeks 

  7. jenferlyn84

    I need to hang out with you! I am down 9 pounds with 60 to go. 10 pounds at
    a time baby!

  8. amynicolaox

    As requested here is what I ate to lose weight. I filmed all meals/snacks
    for over a week to give you guys an overview. Please thumbs up if you

  9. jesse2497

    Where are you from? Your accent is like a mix of American and English lol

  10. Divine Destiny

    It’s so encouraging to see that you eat cheese.. I’ve tried to cut it
    completely out of my diet before but it’s really hard because I love it.. I
    know that it sounds pathetic but it’s my favorite thing to add to almost
    any dish.

  11. veroniblue

    where is the peanut butter cookie recipe

  12. sameoldchrisy

    i eat less than you but I weight 134 and I’m 5’3 and run everyday. I hope I
    can look like you one day.

  13. morena laboy

    Great job I wish I can get to were you are 

  14. Cee Ivy

    Just found your channel <3 it xoxo 

  15. laura alvarez

    Love the meals! But how does one find out how much macros they should be
    eating? Also congrats on the weight loss


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